Professional Metering Services

We provide Smart and Prepaid Metering solutions for more efficient metering that Saves You Money!

Smart Electricity Meters

Postpaid electricity meter solutions provide reliable meter data that will guarantee an efficient billing process.

Why Should I get a Smart Meter?

  • Saves you money by ensuring usage is accurately measured!
  • Meters can be read remotely, no need for manual meter checks and readings to take place.
  • Monitor and record disturbances for analysis and preventative network maintenance!
  • We take care of installation and maintenance!

Prepaid Electricity Meters

Prepaid metering solutions ensure that our customers are able to purchase electricity before use.
All our
meters are registered to the Inpower prepaid vending platform which generates electricity tokens for the meter when a purchase is made.

Are Prepaid Meters worth the Investment?

  • Landlords don’t have to worry about delayed or outstanding electricity payments from tenants.
  • 24-hour access to purchasing prepaid electricity on Inpower’s website or mobile app. 0% fees on these platforms!.
  • Tenants can budget for their electricity usage before the beginning of the month.
  • We handle the installation and maintenance!

Profesional Electric Metering Services
Saves You Money!

Case Study:

See How We Saved a Body Corporate R480k P/A in Energy Costs with Professional Metering Solutions

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