Metering Solutions

Inpower supply, install and manage prepaid and smart electricity meters for our sectional title and commercial customers that requires 20 or more electrical meters. The solution we provide depends on the electricity meter selected by the customer.

Smart Electricity Meters

Our post paid electricity meter solutions provide reliable meter data that will guarantee an efficient billing process. Communication infrastructure (either built-in or additional communication units) allow the meters to achieve optimal data flow.


Protecting revenue and ensuring accurate and reliable metering data for billing and documentation purposes.

Electricity consumption data logged in intervals of 5,15, 30 and 60 minutes.

Meters can be read remotely, no need for manual meter checks and readings to take place.

Monitor and record disturbances for analysis and preventative network maintenance.

Track and record consumption to provide accurate billing for the customer’s consumption.

Kamstrup Meters

A high-precision single phase smart electricity meter.
This meter can be configured to fit your network infrastructure. This meter has the option of a STS prepayment certified solution amongst other options.


  • On-demand disconnect of customers in case of load limitations or non-payment.
  • Tamper meter alerts.
  • Provides detailed information about consumed and produced energy.
  • Possibility of preparing a specific number of kWh.
  • Automatic connect and disconnect based on profile.

Landis and Gyr Meters


  • Powerful energy, voltage and power measurements

  • Two load profiles and up to 1000 events recorded

  • Tariff setting with energy, performance, previous values and load process

  • Tariff control: Internal (TOU, event control) and external with time switch

  • Direct and CT meters

Prepaid Electricity Meters

Our prepaid metering solution ensures that our customers are able to purchase electricity before use. These meters are registered on the Inpower prepaid vending platform which generates the electricity tokens for the meter when a purchase is made.


Electricity must be purchased before you are able to use it.

Landlords don’t have to worry about delayed or outstanding electricity payments from tenants.

24-hour access to purchasing prepaid electricity – Inpower website or mobile app (0% fees on these platforms).

Tenants can budget for their electricity usage before the beginning of the month.

Landis and Gyr Keypad Prepayment Gemini

Single phase, keypad-based standalone prepayment electricity meter.


  • Tamper detection feature
  • STS Compliant

  • Customer Interface Unit (CIU): Provides useful meter information such as, low credit warning and energy consumption.

Landis and Gyr Keypad Prepayment Power-Rail (wired)

The meter contains all the critical metering, number decryption and load control functionality.

It operates independently of the customer interface unit (keypad) and is immune to any form of tampering on the customer interface.