Our Solutions

Inpower is dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding energy solutions. Whatever your needs may be, regardless of if you own a big corporation or a tenant in a multi-dwelling complex, we have the answers to your energy questions.


Back-up Power



Electricity Meters

We supply and install smart and prepaid electricity meters to make your energy management easier than ever before. Depending on the solution selected, you will be able to track electricity consumption or be able to buy prepaid electricity tokens. We also manage the billing on behalf of our customers, whether they be body corporates or businesses.

Back-Up Power Solutions

We supply, install and manage all types of back-up power solutions including generators and inverter systems.

Solar Power

An innovative, clean and affordable electricity generating solution will help safeguard you from Eskom’s ever increasing electricity tariff hikes and the uncertainty that can bring to your annual financial planning.

Power Management

Our energy experts will be able to monitor and manage your electricity consumption and provide solutions in order for you to reduce your electricity usage and costs where possible.