Utility Management

FROM | R95.00 per meter

*Note: A minimum of 25 electricity meters are required for this pricing.

Power & Utility Management is a specialised field which can allow customers to monitor, manage and reduce their electricity consumption while also aiming to reduce operating costs.

Utility Management can only take place once you know where the electricity is being used; this will require smart meters.

Our full suite of services will include energy audits & management, installation, verification & management of smart & prepaid electricity meters and recommendations on how to reduce electricity consumption and save money.

Our Utility Management Services

Meters Readings

Manual and remote readings of all residential, commercial and retail electricity meters.

Electricity Consumption

Determine the quantity of electricity consumed by each consumer.


Process billing information for each consumer’s electricity charge.

Electricity Charges

Calculate the electricity charges when the municipality estimates the readings

Investigate Irregularities

Investigate irregularities or discrepancies

Verification Of Meter Readings

Verify that the meter readings reflected on the municipal invoice are correct and confirm that the invoice is accurate before payment thereof.


Inpower is able to provide the service of managing the building’s substation on behalf of the owners.

Our Services

  • Monthly inspection of the substation and substation room.
  • Thermal imaging of the substation to ensure the operating temperature is within acceptable levels.
  • Monthly report on the condition and findings after inspection of the substation.
  • Arrange quotations for any substation maintenance that is required.
  • Assist with coordinating the repair or maintenance work required on the substation.
  • Arrange for annual substation oil sampling and lab testing to check that the oil chemistry is at acceptable levels.
  • The appointment of an electrical competent person for the customers substation as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, with particular reference to the General Machinery Regulations: Supervision of Machinery Regulations section.