Solar Power

FROM | R400,000.00 per 29kW System

Solar power can benefit our customers by reducing their electricity bills by around 20% on average.

This innovative, clean and affordable electricity generating solution will help you mitigate the effect of increased costs from Eskom’s ever increasing electricity tariff hikes and the uncertainty that can bring to your annual financial planning.

Grid-Tied Solution

A cost effective solution when it comes to solar power, however it provides no protection against power outages (when Eskom goes down, the solar power goes down as well).

You consume the power you generate during the day when the panels provide electricity but when this is depleted your solar power pulls energy from the City’s power grid. You save on your energy cost but you are not completely off the grid.

Grid Back-up Solution

Our grid back up system alows a solar power system to connect or combines it with either a battery system or a battery system that is connected to invertor or it can be connected to a diesel generator. This system gives you the freedom of being off grid.

If frequent load shedding continues each winter then there will be continued demand for grid-backup systems that can operate with no grid for prolonged periods of time. The combined PV and battery inverter, commonly referred to as a hybrid inverter. This is a multi-function device that includes all the functions required to configure a grid-back-up solutions. The most cost effective solution will be to connect the solar PV to a diesel generator as a back up power solution.